GAS Conference Murano

May 2018
Effe Tre | Nason Moretti, Murano, Italy

Thanks to the Glass Art Society and their boardmembers that organised the 2018 conference in Murano | Italy. It was a specialevent and an impressive conference: having so many demonstrations, open doorsin the local fornaci, guided tours and personal lectures.  I'm stillamazed by all the impressions and the lovely people I`ve met, making both newfriends and reuniting with old ones.

I was honored to help Tobias Møhl at his demonstrationtogether with his partner Trine Drivsholm and Paul Wearden in Effetre atthursday.

Likewise I was honered to help Ned Cantrell and VidarKoksvik making their demonstration together with Tanja Burkhardt at NasonMoretti on saturday morning.

Such a pleasure to work together again with all ofyou. It will stay with me as a good memory and experience.

Thank you for the opportunity.


Special thanks to the photographer : Cæciliie PhilipaVibe Pedersen

Tobias Møhl Demo, Murano 2018
GAS 2018, photo Cæciliie Philipa Vibe Pedersen
Effetre Murano, Trine Drivsholm, Glass Art Society
Trine Drivsholm, Jonas Noël Niedermann
Murano, Jonas Noël Niedermann, Effetre
Drivsholm, Niedermann, GAS 2018, Muarno, Italy
Noël Niedermann, Glass Artist, Demo, Tobias
Tobias Møhl, Glass Art Society, Murano, 2018, Jonas Noël Niedermann
Assisting Tobias Møhl, GAS 2018, Trine Drivsholm, Jonas Noël Niedermann
Paul Wearden, Jonas Niedermann, Møhl and Drivsholm
Regione Veneto, Venezia, Murano
Barovier and Toso, Glass factory, Murano
Vidar Koksvik and Ned Cantrell, Demo GAS 2018
Cantrell and Koksvik demo, glass art Society
Vidar Koksvik and Ned Cantrell Demo, Glass Art Society Conference, Nason Moretti, Muarno
Ned Cantrell, Murano
Vidar Koksvik
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