Student of Devin Burgess

August 2017
Penland School of Crafts, Penland NC, USA

Penland School ofCrafts | Devin Burgess – Rough Out & Refine | North Carolina | USA.

The dailydemonstartions took place mainly in the hotshop, blowing glass and working ondifferent shapes and tecniques. Devin starts with a sketch on the groundexplaining what he is gonna to make, which steps are important and how he willmade those. After that he will start working on the piece explaining the mostimportant details and why he is shaping, heating and forming the glass in thisway to get exactly the shape and the result he was looking for. The otherimportant aspect of this course is improving the coldworking aspect withdifferent stones (types and shapes), sintered diamond wheels and differentkinds of pre and polishing wheels. Here I had the chance to learn new importantcoldworking steps and expand my existing knowledge.

In this course I‘mlearning a bunch of new glassblowing tecniques, refresh and learn differentcoldworking approaches and starting the piece from a sketch on a paper:thinking about the glassblowing process, learn the color relation between shapeand thickness, the colworking and it‘s pattern and at last but not least howthe final piece will look when finished.
It‘s such a great feeeling had the possibility to participated in thisglassblowing class at Penland.

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