Sculptures for Juan Garcia Ripolles

October 2015
Berengo Studio, Murano, Italy

During the first two months in Berengo Studio we mainly made sculpturesand I was amazed about how incredibly different glassblowing can be. Thesculptures we worked on was translated from sketches by the artists Juan García Ripollés from Spain and Austrian artist Rosemarie Beneditk, and forged into glass by the team consisting of Maestro Andrea and Roberto. The varietyof work was immense; some sculptures were blown and others completely solid.The last mention was a whole new experience for me since I had neverexperienced the creation of solid sculptures at first hand. During the months Iwas assisting in the process as I learned more about it and became furtherintegrated and confident with the team and their flow of work.    


A project we also worked on was the “Glasstress” exhibition, started by the founder ofBerengo Studio, Adriano Berengo, in 2009, and to be held from June to Novemer at Palazzo Franchetti.“Glasstress” brings together artists and designers from around the world withmaestri from Murano in a collaboration working with contemporary glass, aimingto break down the stereotypes evolving around ancient artistry of glass. Theexhibition is a part of the 56th Biennale of Arts in Venice.

Berengo Studio 1989, Murano, Italy
helping Glass Maestro Andrea Salvagno
Sculptures for Juan Garcia Ripollès, Jonas Noël Niederman, Berengo Studio 1989
Assisting, Berengo Studio 1989, Jonas Noël Niedermann
Juan Garcia Ripollès, glass sculpture, Berengo Studio
Jonas Noël Niedermann assisting, maestro Andrea, Berengo, Murano
Roberto Mavaracchio, Berengo Studio
Assisting Roberto and Andrea
Bringing bits for maestro Andrea Salvagno
Last touch before the glass sculpture of Juan Garcia Ripollès is finished
Wonderland, Biennale d'arte Venezia, pavillon d'Israele
Natura Biennale d'arte, Venezia
Austrian Pavillion, Biennale d'arte 2015
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