Student of Anna Mlasowsky & Matthew Szösz

July 2016
Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood WA, USA

THE HUNT IS SWEETERTHAN THE KILL – Pilchuck Glass School – Session 4

Glassblowing, HotCasting, Kiln Forming, Coldworking, Sculpture

This project-basedsculpture course will spark innovation through a series of fast-paced exercises.Experiments will involve hybridization of several processes—hot, kiln, andcold—and will fuel conceptual development of new approaches to the use of glassas an artistic material. Students will expand into unfamiliar territory and usea cumulative process of testing and refining that will lead to unexpecteddestinations.

Anna Mlasowsky


Anna Mlasowsky andMatthew Szösz work independently alongside each other and create pieces knownfor their experimental and surprising nature. Both have received numerousawards, been selected for many residencies, and have taught in more than adozen countries. Mlasowsky holds a BA from Konstfack, University College ofArts, Crafts, and Design, and an MFA from the University of Washington. Szöszholds a BFA, BID, and MFA in glass from Rhode Island School of Design.

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