Start of my Glass Journey

September 2015
Berengo Studio, Murano, Italy

In September 2015 I began my glass journey in Murano, Italy,at the renowned Berengo Studio.

Before that – in early 2015 - I was, together withChristiane Frommelt, creating new unica pieces for a solo exhibition to be heldin the La Tuor Museum in Samedan, Switzerland. During the process I came torealize that I needed more awareness and tactile skills in glass. Therefore Idecided to contact selected glass studios around Europe with the mission oflearning new techniques, earn new skill sets and broadening my knowledge.

I was fortunate to getaccepted at Berengo Studio that I personally knew for their collaborations withinternationally established artists, and in September of 2015 I moved to Venicewhere I started working with Maestro Andrea Salvagno and Roberto Mavaracchio.On several occasions I switched team and had the pleasure of also working with MaestroSilvano Signoretto and Marco Signoretto.

As anyone who starts to work in anew studio feels there is a lot to learn, so did I; September was a highlyintense month. I had to learn multiple unfamiliar ways of working around theglass and was presented to new tools and their unique way of being mastered,such as the “Muffola” (garage). In addition, I assisted the Maestro producingsculptural work for artist Tony Cragg from Britain and Spanish artist Juan Garcia Ripolles.

Berengo Studio is known for working with artist whoare not normally familiar with the use of glass as a material in theirrespective careers in fine art. The founder of Berengo Studio – Adriano Berengo– set out on a mission in the late 1980s, with the opening of the studio on1989, to spread the fascination and countless possibilities in using glass asmedium for contemporary art. He succeeded in a manor, that Berengo Studio hasnow hosted more than 200 artist who have – as I – all seen the infinitepotential glass possess.  



Start of my glass journey travel from Chiavenna to Murano
Arrival on the Murano Island, Murano by night, Jonas Noël Niedermann
Berengo Studio 1989, Berengo, Glass Art, Murano, Jonas Noël Niedermann
Maestro Andrea Salvagno with the artist assistant of Tony Cragg, Berengo Studio, Glasstress 2015
Glass Master Andrea Salvagno  at work, Glassstress 2015
Berengo Studio 1989, Start of my Glass Journey, Tony Cragg
glass pipe water cooler
Silvano Signoretto with Marco Signoretto, Maestro, Glassmaster, Berengo Studio
Silvano Signoretto at work
blowing glass, Silvano Signoretto
Making glass bambus for Pino Castagna, Jonas Noël Niedermann, Artist, Glass Art
Maestro Esterino making glass bambus, Pino Castagna, glass art
Jonas Noël Niedermann, making glass bambus, Berengo Studio 1989, Murano
Pino Castagna Bambus; Berengo Studio
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